• Large prefabricate steel structure stadium
  • Large prefabricate steel structure stadium
  • Large prefabricate steel structure stadium
  • Large prefabricate steel structure stadium

Large prefabricate steel structure stadium

Brand: Classic Group

Product origin: Shandong China

Delivery time: 20-30 days

Supply capacity: 360000 tons/year

If you are looking for the highest quality steel structure supplier, please contact us and our engineers will provide you with a professional quotation plan.

Large prefabricate steel structure stadium

steel structure stadium

Product attributes

① Building type:

Truss structure,grid structure

② Main steel structure type:

The main steel structure of this type of building adopts box shaped components and circular hollow section components, as well as other component types such as cross shaped components and H-shaped components.

③ Secondary steel structure:

Column bracing, horizontal bracing, tie bars, stairs, catwalk, railing, etc.

④ Cladding system:

Pressed aluminum panels, glass curtain walls, membrane structures, polyurethane edge sealing rock wool sandwich panels

⑤ Galvanized standard, paint type and color:

Customize according to actual architectural application requirements and your specific requirements.

metal gym stadium

 Why choose steel structure buildings?

1. Architectural Aesthetics:

Steel structures have excellent performance and are also a symbol of the progress of the times. They not only exhibit the characteristics of modern aesthetics, but also achieve various design concepts such as biomimetics and momentum, carrying the endless imaginations of architects.

2. High construction efficiency:

All components are prefabricated in the factory, and the construction site only requires simple assembly, making the construction process relatively safe.

3. Cost savings:

Steel structures are the cost leaders in materials and design for most projects. Its manufacturing and installation costs are low, and it requires less maintenance compared to other traditional building methods.

4. Nice Durability:

Steel structures have good seismic resistance, wind resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

5. Space utilization:

Compared with concrete structures, steel structures can increase the usable area by approximately 6%.

6. Environmentally friendly:

Steel is the material with the highest recycling rate in the world, with an annual recycling capacity of 65 million tons per year, effectively reducing environmental pollution caused by the production of building materials.

steel stadium

About Us

China steel structure national standard formulation compamy.

World steel structure manufacturing field professional service provider.

The annual capacity of steel structure is 360,000 tons per year, and the annual capacity of enclosure system is 1 million square meters per year.

Undertake all kinds of industrial buildings, public buildings, long span Bridges, ocean engineering projects.

Our business covers more than 50 countries and regions.


Classic Group is determined to be a leader in delivering the most efficient solutions for prefabricated buildings and steel structures.

Focus on providing you with the best quality products and unparalleled customer service to ensure the smooth running of your project.

steel structure stadium

our service

①After sales service:

Our professional team will provide complete solution for your any inquiry in 24hours*7days.


The Classic Group Architectural Design and Research Institute will provide the best design plan based on your architectural application needs, weather and environmental conditions, while implementing strict technical requirements. We will provide you with the premium service for your satisfaction.


Our manufacturing team consists of 2300 professional technicians, each of whom has undergone strict assessment and has rich experience in steel structure manufacturing. In addition, we have a 480,000 square meter production workshop, advanced manufacturing equipment and strict quality inspection standards, which have enabled us to achieve a huge production capacity of 360,000 tons per year while maintaining the highest quality that will never compromise.


We will provide details shop drawing and erection videos explanation, if needed, we also can arrange professional engineers for instruction on site.

metal gym stadium

 Packaging and Delivery

1.Packing steel components and pipe into bundles with steel straps;

2.Wrapping the ends of steel components with fabric;

3.Packaging parts in iron boxes.


Regular goods will be transported in 40ft OT(Opening Top) containers and 40ft HQ (High Cubic)containers.

If we use 40ft HQ, steel pallets are required to pack the goods, and then the pallets are pushed

into the container.When unloading, the entire pallet is pulled out of the container, which can better protect the steel components and quickly unload.

The sea freight for 40HQ is cheaper than the sea freight for 40OT, while due to the using of pallets, the cost will increase.

For 40ft OT, all goods are loaded one by one onto the container using a crane. Because OT are special containers, in this case, the sea freight of 40ft OT is higher.

If you have any other special packaging requirements, please let us know.

Our customer

After many years of operation, the Classic Group has grown from strength to strength and made important contributions to the development of the construction industry and the steel structure industry. It is trusted by builders and customers from all over the world.

steel stadium

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If you are looking for the highest quality steel structure supplier, please contact us and our engineers will provide you with a professional quotation plan.