Classic Group was awarded the title of "Provincial Quality Benchmark for 2023"



  Classic Group has been awarded the title of "Provincial Quality Benchmark 2023", according to the recently announced results of the selection organized by the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. The recognition comes as a result of Classic Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd.'s practice of implementing "digitalization + intelligentization" to enhance quality management.

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  Quality, reputation, and service have always been the eternal pursuit of Classic Group. In recent years, the company has focused on quality construction and utilized big data and cloud computing to drive intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, and digital transformation. They have also established a green prefabricated construction industry chain platform. Through precise and standardized production processes and technical standards, Classic Group has achieved comprehensive system integration and control, playing a vital role in improving product quality, optimizing supply chain management, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency.

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     The recognition as a Provincial Quality Benchmark signifies the vibrant essence of Classic Group's quality management methods and operational models. It also affirms their relentless dedication to management and quality over the years and further strengthens their confidence in creating quality management tools through digitalization and intelligentization. 

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  Moving forward, Classic Group will accelerate quality transformation, continue to promote deep integration between industries and the "Internet Plus" approach, and focus on shaping a "Smart Manufacturing + Quality Manufacturing" dual-engine brand advantage. They aim to make high quality and excellence the defining characteristics of Classic Group, continuously enhance the industrial and regional quality competitiveness, and drive the green, high-quality development of the prefabricated construction industry with increased momentum.

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