Classic Group and Shandong Jianzhu University jointly cultivated postdoctoral project presentation meeting successfully held


    On September 25th, the proposal presentation meeting for the joint postdoctoral training between Classic Group and Shandong Jianzhu University was successfully held at Classic Group. The meeting invited Professor Wang Youzhi of Shandong University, Professor Lin Yan of Shandong University of Architecture and Technology, and Miao Shuwen, vice president of China Steel Structure Association, member of the expert committee, and chairman of the board of directors of Classic Group, to serve as review experts. Professor Zhou Xuejun, professor and postdoctoral supervisor of Shandong Jianzhu University, Gao Jianguo, general manager of Classic Group, and Zhang Qi, chief technical engineer of the group and postdoctoral supervisor, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Su Zhaofang, director of the Public Affairs Department of Classic Group.

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  Gao Jianguo, general manager of Classic Group, said in his speech that since the establishment of the postdoctoral workstation of Classic Group, it has attached great importance to the cultivation of postdoctoral innovation and practice, and has actively expanded postdoctoral joint training with Shandong Jianzhu University, Tianjin University, Tongji University and other universities, and has recruited 4 postdoctoral fellows. Cultivated one outgoing postdoctoral fellow and achieved outstanding results in postdoctoral innovation training.

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  This time, the postdoctoral fellow jointly trained with Shandong Jianzhu University is Dr. Wang Zhen. The topic selected for the postdoctoral fellow is "Research on the Seismic Performance of New Steel Structure Residential Frame Structures." At the meeting, Dr. Wang Zhen gave a detailed report on the research background, research basis, research plan, research plan and expected goals.

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  The participating experts listened carefully to Dr. Wang Zhen's project report, conducted in-depth questions and exchanges on the research and development of the project, and provided valuable guiding opinions on how to improve on-site research. After comprehensive review by the expert group, it was deemed that Dr. Wang Zhen’s research content was meaningful, the research objectives were clear, and the program design was feasible. Dr. Wang Zhen was unanimously agreed to carry out corresponding postdoctoral innovation research.

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  In the next step, Classic Group will continue to deepen cooperation with Shandong Jianzhu University and other domestic and foreign universities and institutions, relying on the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation, to do a good job in talent introduction and education, industrial technology innovation research, and technological achievement transformation, to inject strong impetus for the group's high-quality innovation and development.

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