2022 Secretary General's Working Conference of China Steel Structure Association was held in Beijing


   On January 9, 2023, the 2022 Secretary General's Working Conference of China Steel Structure Association was held in Beijing. More than 60 people attended the meeting, including Yue Qingrui, academician of the CAE Member, president of China Steel Structure Association, Liu Yi, executive vice president, Zhang Sumei, Wang Houxin, Dai Changhe, deputy secretary-general, and heads of 27 affiliated branches. The meeting is conducted in a combination of online and offline methods. It was chaired by Secretary General Li Qingwei.

      First of all, President Yue Qingrui praised the secretaries of various branches for their great efforts in overcoming the complex situation of epidemic prevention and control over the past year, fully affirmed their achievements, and pointed out the existing shortcomings and areas that need to be improved. In the new situation of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress, the development of the Association in 2023 was prospected and work requirements were proposed.

Steel Structure Industrial Building

      In the work exchange segment, Wu Jinzhi, Secretary General of the Spatial Structure Branch, shared experiences and insights in strengthening organizational construction, promoting technical exchanges, and improving industry management levels. Zhang Yanxia, Secretary General of the Design Branch, presented a number of activities carried out by the Branch, including Chief Engineer Forum, Chief Engineer Lecture Hall, standardized training, and book compilation, and shared their experiences.

      Zhang Xiaoyun, Finance Department of the Association, explained in detail the relevant regulations and precautions for financial management of branches.

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     Secretary General Li Qingwei summarized the main work of the Association secretariat in 2022, emphasizing the deployment of key tasks and tasks in 2023. According to the opinions of the annual audit, propose detailed corrective measures for the weak links and problems existing in the work of the branch.

      At the meeting, Executive Vice President Liu Yi gave a report entitled "High Quality Development of Industry Associations in the New Era". President Liu led everyone to learn the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, interpret the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and report the common issues found in the special inspection of branches conducted in 2022, clarifying the requirements for the management of branches. President Liu emphasized that the work of the Association should improve its standing and be full of emotion, and it should serve its member units at the national and industrial levels, striving to promote the high-quality development of the steel structure industry.

      During the discussion session, various branches conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on industry training, group bid work, technology award application, standardized management, and detailed workflow. The branches have also made suggestions for the work of the Federation.

This meeting focused on the standardized governance of branches, strengthening communication and communication between branches, and effectively promoting the work of the Association to a new level.

Steel Structure Industrial Building

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