The school government and enterprises "go together" to promote win-win cooperation in the future


On the morning of December 18, Duan Hongwei, dean of Harbin University of Science and Technology (Rong Cheng), and his delegation visited the Classic Group to accelerate the high-quality development of local industries, deepen cooperation, and carry out exchanges and discussions. Wang Guangwen, director of Yanzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and other leaders attended the symposium. Classic Group Chairman Shi Zhenhua, General manager Gao Jianguo attended the meeting, the group deputy general manager Hou Shihui presided over the meeting.

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Before the meeting, Duan Hongwei and his delegation visited the Group's cultural center, Classic intelligent manufacturing workshop, Classic logistics industrial Park and new projects under construction, and further understood the company's development history, production and manufacturing, product innovation, talent training and other work.

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At the symposium, Shi Zhenhua, chairman of the Classic Group, Duan Hongwei, president of Rongcheng College of Harbin Science and Technology, and Wang Guangwen, director of Yanzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, delivered speeches respectively. After introducing the development and professional Settings of colleges and universities, Yanzhou District's talent policy and employment and entrepreneurship, the situation of various enterprises and the employment needs of college students, the university government and enterprises conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the special job fair for college students, the mode of enterprise customized classes and the training of applied talents in colleges and universities, and reached a lot of consensus.

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The Classic "Go together" gathering of the school's government and enterprises aims to strengthen the close ties between the three parties, carry out broader and deeper exchanges, and seek win-win cooperation, and the activity has achieved a complete success. The three parties of the school, government and enterprise have said that the next step will take this exchange activity as a starting point, in-depth cooperation, and jointly create a "production, university and research" talent development ecosystem, forming a "win-win-win" situation of school-government and enterprise cooperation, and making positive contributions to local economic development.

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