Classic Group was recognized as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise


Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the evaluation results of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises in 2023. Among them, Classic Group was identified as "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in 2023".

Classic Group

"National intellectual property Demonstration Enterprise" is the highest honor and evaluation given by the state to enterprises in intellectual property management. It refers to demonstration enterprises with strategic intellectual property management concepts, comprehensive development of intellectual property creation, application, protection and management capabilities, outstanding comprehensive competitive advantages of intellectual property, and industry influence and benchmarking. In recent years, Classic Group has continuously improved the company's intellectual property innovation and management capabilities, established a high-level talent team, improved intellectual property creation capabilities, and promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; Guarantee innovation results, ensure the first-mover advantage of technological update, ensure the leading core competitiveness of enterprises, and accumulate unique advantages for seizing more market shares.

prefabricated steel structure

The Classic Group will take this as a new starting point to comprehensively enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the development of patent layout and high-value patent output in the frontier field of the prefabricated steel structure construction industry, promote the deep integration of intellectual property rights and industries, help create a stronger, more complete and better core competitiveness of the enterprise, and build a new pattern of enterprise development.

National intellectual property Demonstration Enterprise

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