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Classic Group participates in the 2018 Pakistan Steel Structure International Architecture Exhibition

On December 13-18, the Classic Group International Business Department sent a professional team to participate in the Pakistan International Architecture Exhibition, further promote the company, spread the concept of modern building construction, and demonstrate the technological innovation strength of the enterprise.


Pakistan is a fast-growing developing country, the sixth most populous country in the world and the 25th largest economy in the world. The Pakistan International Architecture Exhibition is the largest and most influential building materials exhibition in Pakistan. In recent years, the Pakistani government has formulated a comprehensive economic reform and development plan, constantly improving the investment environment, and vigorously attracting foreign investment. With the construction of highways, subways, hotels, and large-scale infrastructure, the construction market has great potential for development.


In this exhibition, the company’s professional team demonstrated the process of R&D, manufacturing, construction and construction of steel structure by showing the industry development achievements, advanced technological achievements and typical representative projects in the steel structure field representing the future development trend of green buildings. High-rise buildings, high-speed rail terminals, stadiums, public buildings, production and assembly research and development, etc. have been promoted and won high praise from many overseas exhibitors from Iran, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Italy, etc., and reached a number of cooperation agreements. .


Post time: Jun-02-2020