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Classic group is a collection of steel structure Manufacturing and sales, project contract construction, architectural design and other diversified operations of the national high-tech enterprises. The company was established in 2012, and has the first-class qualification of steel structure manufacturing, the first-class qualification of steel structure construction, the first-class special project design qualification and the first-class design qualification of curtain wall decoration


As a globally competitive international project contractor, Classic Group is one of the most successful overseas project contracting enterprises in China's steel structure industry. It has the qualification of foreign project contracting. To provide project consulting, planning and design, research and development, product manufacturing, logistics transportation, installation construction, technical services and other full-system engineering construction services for the global market

From Shandong to the country, and heading for the word

Classic Group has always been committed to leading the industry and becoming the most competitive steel structure enterprise in the world. Classic projects are located in more than 30 countries and regions such as Russia, Japan, South Korea and North Africa. Classic Group actively implements the strategic measures of "specialization, standardization, informatization and internationalization", from Shandong to the whole country, and heading for the world. classic group takes internationalization strategy as its goal, looking at the whole world and pursuing continuously. .

  • Steel structure warehouse workshop

    Provide technical advice and cost analysis for the owner and the designer, propose economic structural plan according to the usage, enhance the rationality of the plan, provide suggestions for optimization and deepening of the design, and make the drawings more perfect, the structure safer and more reasonable. .
  • Prefabricated houses Container House

    Classical group not only controls the reliability and economy of the structure, but also the types, properties, selection and combination of traditional and new enclosure materials. Our design is not only more suitable, safer and more economical, but also more artistic.
  • Steel construction Light Steel Villa

    Classic Group has a complete production system of main structure, secondary structure, purlin, structural fittings and non-metallic structure. classic group also provides customized and customized steel structure processing services for owners.


Classic group adhering to the "dedicated, innovative, pragmatic and efficient" spirit of enterprise, adherence to the "staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction, social satisfaction" of the enterprise purpose, and actively promote the management structure and layout adjustment, actively implement the "specialization, standardization, informationization, internationalization" strategy, strive to building manufacturing industry to become the most competitive enterprise group.



We will always stay focus in the projects and work committed and would hope that our Classic group attitude of commitment would be shared by everyone. Classic group shall ensure that our vision of trust and expectation to our Clients will always be adhere to.

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